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I could talk about the PE teacher in my town who was asked to resign due to his harassment of female students, who was then hired as a school bus driver for a rural route with both primary and high school students. I could talk about how, from the age of seven, I refused to wear skirts or dresses, and from the time I entered high school at 10 to when I moved at 16 I always wore bike shorts or CCC shorts under my dress, because he was not particularly subtle about the way he looked at us – and those bus steps are high. I could talk about how this was common knowledge and was never denied by any authority figure we ever raised it with, but rather we were just kind of brushed off. I could talk about how, sometimes, I was the last person on my bus in the afternoon and I was never quite sure if something bad would happen to me, even though for a long time I probably couldn’t have articulated what it was that I feared.

I could talk about how I spent ten years of my childhood believing it was perfectly normal and acceptable for a seven year old child to stop wearing her favourite clothes because a grown man she relies on to get to and from school from a relatively remote location gets a thrill from looking up her skirt.

I could talk about the art teacher at my high school who used to run his hands up and down our backs, right along the spot where your bra sits. Considering most of us were fairly new to wearing bras in the first place, this was a decidedly uncomfortable experience. I could talk about how he used to get just a little too close for comfort in the supply room. Nothing overt, nothing nameable – just enough to make you drag someone else along with you if you needed a fresh piece of paper or you ran out of ink. I could talk about how the odd comment or complaint that was made was completely handwaved, that we were told to be very careful about what we were saying, that we could get someone in a lot of trouble by “starting those kinds of rumours”, and did we really want to be responsible for that?

I could talk about the first time I was made to feel ashamed of my body, at twelve or thirteen, getting into a water fight with my stepfather and uncle in the height of summer. I could talk about my grandmother completely flipping out, talking about how disgusting it was, how grown men should be ashamed of the way they were behaving with a girl. I could talk about how she then spent the next few hours trying to convince me I was being somehow victimised, while I was mostly confused about what had taken place – it took me a long time to work it out. I could talk about the unvoiced but ever-present fear for months afterwards that my grandma would bring it up again, that she would bring it up in the wrong place or to the wrong people and that my uncle, a schoolteacher, would suffer for it.

I could talk about how that destroyed what had been a fantastic relationship with my uncle, and how, ten years later, he still won’t hug me at Christmas.

I could talk about being called a frigid bitch and a slut in the same breath in high school. I could talk about multiple instances of sitting in a big group of friends, hearing someone trying to get into someone else’s pants, starting off sweet enough but quickly descending into emotional manipulation and thinly veiled abuse. I could talk about the time I went off with someone willingly enough and being followed by someone I considered a friend, someone who would not leave no matter how many times I said “no”, who only went away when the person I was with said that he “didn’t feel like sharing”.

I could talk about the family friend who always made me feel a little bit off for no discernible reason. The one who if I was left alone in the room with him, I would always find an excuse to leave. The one time I expressed this, I was told I was being a drama queen, and that I needed to grow up and stop being so precious, that one day I was going to have to deal with people I didn’t like and I might as well get used to it. I could talk about how he never did anything untoward, never gave me any specific reason to feel unsafe – but years after I last saw him, when he was found guilty of four historical sexual assault charges, one of rape and three of indecent assault on girls under twelve, I was, for reasons I still don’t entirely understand, completely unsurprised.

I could talk about my boyfriend justifying his rape of me with “you could have fought me off if you really wanted you, you slut”. I could talk about how, when I tried to tell people, I was told I was being a nasty, spiteful, vindictive bitch. I could talk about how selfish it was of me to say such things, that he’d overcome such a hard life and was going to go on and make something of himself, who the hell was I to try and stand in his way?

I could talk about how my response to being raped was to sleep with anyone and everyone because I rationalised that if I never said no, then no one could force me. I could talk about how I have been told time and time again, by people who should know better, that this is a sign that I wasn’t really raped at all.

I could talk about how, when I finally worked up the courage to make a formal complaint of sexual harassment against my boss, I was asked why I had let it continue for so long, and what I had done to make him think his behaviour would be welcomed.

I could talk about how when a much later boss got me completely wasted at my leaving party, to the point where I couldn’t walk, and fucked me in a back alley, he waited until I was sober the next morning to tell me that he had a pregnant wife, because he heard through the grapevine that I was very strict about not sleeping with married people or straight women, and he thought I should “learn my place” and realise that I’m “not such a high and mighty bitch with a moral high ground after all”.

I could talk about these things, but I very rarely do. Since I was seven years old, I have been told that my body is not my own, that my consent is not my own, that my feelings of discomfort are not my own. I have taught myself to suppress my gut instinct upon meeting people. I have been taught to smile, to be polite, to suck it up if I feel unsafe. When I complain, I have been told I’m being irrational, oversensitive, and selfish. The underlying message is, how dare I try and ascertain any kind of control over my own body?

I should talk about it. But I don’t actually know whether I can.

- An anonymous guest post on The Lady Garden. This is the reality for so many women. #YesAllWomen (via takealookatyourlife)
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I am 22 years old, I work for the government, and this is my bed.

Maybe our government is in better hands than I thought



I am 22 years old, I work for the government, and this is my bed.

Maybe our government is in better hands than I thought

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This is either a gay wedding or a straight one with a selfish groom


This is either a gay wedding or a straight one with a selfish groom

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Stiles and Allison deal with some very human problems together
(Fricken Werewolves.jpg)


Stiles and Allison deal with some very human problems together

(Fricken Werewolves.jpg)

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Haha, for all I’m like “Lydia/Parrish can get it,” I’ll be super-fucking annoyed if they canonically go there this season and promote that whole…hyper-sexually seductive Lolita teen girl/older dude cliche when everyone has always said “Sterek could never happen because…

There is an enormous double standard and it’s historical as well, many many countries had and some still have a higher age of consent for homosexual sex as though there is a difference between straight and gay sex.

if they go with parrish/lydia I will rage at my computer like a mad man, but I wouldn’t be too surprised, it seems in TV 16 year old girls can be paired with just about anyone.

I think the comment from the writer (AfterBuzz) on the age topic confirms that no pairing will go canon as long as one part of it is not legal. And I’ve always said that this especially counts for Sterek. They will drag it out (slooow build) till Stiles turns 18. If Sterek doesn’t go canon then (or is about to happen) we’ll have our answer. And seriously, one of the most overused arguments (from antis) is the “age issue”. I’m sure Jeff wouldn’t be in the mood for a shitstorm that is based on this.

Fine, but I think I saw her mention that Lydia’s birthday should be soon so I guess when she hits 18 in the storyline the potential will be realised.

I do think it fits the storyline with Sterek too, I have to say I can’t see them together before mid-end of season 5 at the rate the show is going. I think that’d fit the age thing as well.
The age argument is perhaps the most tired argument against sterek I have ever seen, mostly because it has no basis in anything, it’s just another small thing antis throw up like it’s a huge wall to stop Sterek.

Lydia is 16 right now. In March she should be turning 17 and since it’s January now in the show, yes her birthday is close but she won’t be 18 then either. So if they’re really waiting for her to turn 18, this season ain’t the time for any cop action.

But I have to say I doubt it - the show doesn’t seem to care very much about age gaps and age of consent as teenagers have been screwing around since s01. Lydia has been sleeping with Jackson prior to s01 so at least since she was 15, then she has her boy-toys, which I doubt were all younger than her or the same age, Aiden was definitely older, Allison was older than Scott (granted by 1 year) when they started sleeping together, Danny and his ex who got attacked by the kanima, Danny and Ethan, Kate and Derek (though that was a very wrong “relationship” on all accounts and that was the point), Erica and Derek (though that was just one kiss and then he rejected her).

My point is the show doesn’t shy away from showing minors doing the do with other minors or older people by how-many years so I doubt they suddenly woke up and decided Lydia has to be 18 before she taps the hot depudy…ahem, sorry, that slipped ;) And yes, the age argument should be thrown in the deepest pits of hell, especially in regards to sterek.

Isn’t she 17? She had a birthday in season 2, she’s in the same year as Stiles and Scott, I don’t know, the time is so hard to pin down.

But you are completely right, the twins were adults, we know they didn’t want to have to be back in school, the age was never revealed but I’d guess in their 20s like Derek. 

I *think* in s02 she turned 16. Though I can’t tell you who worked out the time line for that - I think it was athenadark so if you want to ask her, she’ll definitely have a better answer than me.

I knew I’d get blamed

They are sophomores in season 1, Liam confirmed that in the locker room episode last season

in 3a it was heather’s seventeenth b’day but Stiles wasn’t seventeen yet

in s1 Allison’s birthday made her a year older than the others, at seventeen

in s2 Lydia had a birthday and turned 16, but she was shown having sex with Jackson before then

I also think Davis has got it into his head that the age of consent in california is 16 so he thinks he’s being legal

but the law is anyone over the age of 21 can be portrayed in sexual situations no matter the age of their character, so they CAN show underage sex

however we know Parrish would be in trouble for tapping it, but the question is whether Davis knows that

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A Short Thesis on Why Nagisa Needs Rei


februarywhite asked for it, so here you all are, We all know why Nagisa is perfect for Rei, but here is Alyssa’s take on why Rei is perfect for Nagisa okay here goes.

We all know Nagisa loves to exaggerate and be excitable and dramatic and play up the shota. He does it because he…

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You know Sirius and James would be those guys who are super into zombie movies and laugh in public like it was not scary at all but then climb into each other’s bed at night because “bro, I think I heard something in the kitchen”

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2.08 // 2.09 (aka the worst parallel ever)

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tragic backstories explain bad deeds but they do not excuse them

  • tragic backstories explain bad deeds but they do not excuse them





A+ gif use

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Ultimatly, and I think we’ll all agree, It’s pretty much all about this shot…

it’s beautiful and it’s canon.



Ultimatly, and I think we’ll all agree, It’s pretty much all about this shot…

it’s beautiful and it’s canon.

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